For Kazakhstan citizens Thailand prolonged the term of issue of free visas

The government of Thailand made the decision to prolong terms of providing free visas on arrival to tourists from 20 countries, including from Kazakhstan. “Terms are prolonged till April 30, 2019. Earlier the mode of exemption from visa fees worked till January 13, 2019” — it is specified in the message of department in Telegram. … Continued

New toilet has been built on Shymbulak Resort

A new toilet will be opened by the beginning of the season at the highest point of the Shymbulak ski resort in Almaty. “The toilet is located on the Talgar Pass at an altitude of 3200 meters. Construction cost is 30 million tenge from Shymbulak’s own funds, not counting the costs of pumps and pipes. … Continued

Almaty launched cards for travelers “Almaty Pass”

Almaty launched cards for travelers Almaty Pass Almaty launched a single card for Almaty Pass , which will replace tickets for public transport, entrance tickets to tourist facilities in Almaty and additional discounts in restaurants and hotels. Almaty Pass is divided into three types of cards (S, M, L) and includes different packages of services. … Continued