Организация Rinpoche – медицинские услуги, туризм, развлекательная программа

Организация Rinpoche – медицинские услуги, туризм, развлекательная программа

The company operates in two main areas: medical tourism and the export of professional cosmetics and equipment.

The company was founded in 2009 as an agency for medical tourism. Then she took up the export of medical equipment. Currently, the company works with four countries – Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Japan.

It provides all services from tourism to treatment, translation services, as well as intermediary services for training specialists. Collaborates with 26 hospitals. Provides high level services for VIPs.

Supplies equipment for beauty salons and salon cosmetics.

He is engaged in sending medical specialists to foreign hospitals and accepts specialists from abroad for training.

We offer the best Korean clinics, qualified doctors and the safety of medical services.
Exciting VIP programs.
Medical tourism, cultural and entertainment program, guide, translator, transfer all this at your service.

The professionalism of the staff
Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries, students who have received basic education in the field of honey. Tourism, fluent in Korean above level 4, professionally perform their duties in this area.

Medical services
RINPOCHE cooperates with 26 clinics in a variety of areas.

Productive collaboration
There is an active marketing cooperation with Russia, China, Mongolia, and Vietnam.

Carefully designed VIP programs
Individual approach to each client

Export of cosmetic products
Export of cosmetic materials and cosmetic products. (fillers, lifting threads, cosmetics SC.), etc.

International exchange of medical experience
International cooperation with clinics, medical staff.

RINPOCHE honey the academy
international training of doctors, the organization of advanced training of doctors in the best clinics in Korea

Cultural and entertainment program
(hot springs, seasonal sports, visiting festivals, a rest program in temples, sightseeing tours, etc.)


Clinic Severance

High quality medical care, individual approach

Benefits of the clinic Northwest

When choosing a medical institution for treatment abroad, it is customary to take into account the following evaluation criteria:
– availability of advanced medical technologies
Comfort and living conditions of the clinic
– price acceptability
– geographical location, transport
Our clinic answers all the above mentioned criteria in the best possible way.

Clinique Severance is certified JCI (international organization for the accreditation of medical institutions)。
The clinic has the largest number of operations using a surgical robot. For the first time in the world, the clinic offers new developments in the treatment of diseases such as a thyroid tumor, a tumor of the digestive tract, a stomach tumor, which indicates the highest level of medical technology and professionalism ализ
Efficiency of treatment. Given the safety and comfort of patients, the clinic has a system that allows you to start the treatment process in parallel with the examination process (on the same day). To create an easy and comfortable environment, exhibitions and music concerts are held in the lobby of the clinic.
The materials of the American newspaper “New York Times” noted: “Medical institutions in Korea largely have excellent medical personnel who received education in the best medical institutions of the United States, whereas their suggested treatment price is 1/10 of the cost of treatment in the United States
Give preference to the clinic Sevērs.
Why? Because here you will find the best medical care .。

Maximum care and attention to patients

The treatment system at the Severans Clinic is aimed at providing the patient with complex surgical treatment. The clinic offers efficient and accurate diagnosis, providing a high level of medical care. There are 5 specialized hospitals, 7 specialized centers, 16 specialized sub-clinics in the Northrans clinic.

World brand clinic of Korea

The service level of the Severance Clinic is highly valued by Koreans, as indicated by the frequency of attendance at the clinic. The number of patients exceeds 30,000 per day, and the number of operations performed per year is about 40,000. Many VIP patients often use the services of Severance clinic. The Nobel Prize laureate, ex-president of the Republic of Korea, Kim Dae-jung was a regular customer of the clinic, for which the Severance Clinic is often called the “presidential clinic” in the press. On the basis of our clinic, for the first time in Korea, the International Center for the Treatment of Foreign Patients was established. The clinic center accepts about 30,000 foreign patients annually, and this is the highest rate of clinic attendance by foreign patients in Korea.


Samsung Medical Center

First-class medical technology

At the opening of our clinic in 1994, we established the world’s largest PACS (File Transfer and Archiving System) system among large hospitals with more than 1000 beds.

We installed the EMR system (electronic medical record) throughout the clinic, and completely switched to paperless work.

The Samsung Cancer Center opened its doors in 2008, 11 floors above ground and 8 floors below ground. Equipped with 655 beds, the Samsung Cancer Center is one of the best oncology centers in Asia.

On September 9, for the first time in Asia, we began working with a 32-channel spiral magnetic resonance tomograph and a Somatom flash computer tomograph.

World record for the number of surgeries in cases of gastric and colorectal cancer

Since 2008, we have performed 1,800 stomach cancer operations and 1,500 colorectal cancer; thereby setting a world record for a single clinic.

One-stage service (polyclinic), concentrated in specialized centers

We have reorganized our service system into a disease-oriented system, creating the Cancer Center and the Cardiovascular Center, so that all departments of all departments are given adequate opportunities to make faster treatment decisions.

We are the first clinic in Korea, where comprehensive care is provided for oncological diseases. (full support for prevention, examination, treatment, education, research and rehabilitation; the first center of oncological education has been established)

Survival rates in our clinic after liver transplantation and pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, among other high-risk interventions, are among the best in the world.

We, for the first time in Korea, carried out the first bloodless liver transplant, transplantation of homogeneous pancreatic tissue, a small bowel transplant and a liver transplant for a 3-month-old baby.

Our 5-year survival after liver transplantation (success: 95%), pediatric leukemia (swollen lymph nodes – survival: 82%, acute leukemia of the bone marrow: 50.7%, transplantation of homogeneous hematopoietic stem cells: 68%) is on average more than the United States .

Joint Cardiovascular Imaging Centers with the Mayo Clinic, USA

We cooperate with the Mayo Clinic, the best American medical center in the clinical field, and in September 2009 opened a joint cardiovascular imaging center, where the world-class infrastructure (the first 32-channel spiral MRI in Asia) was installed and operated in Asia for the first time.

World’s best survival rate for premature babies

Our department of pediatrics and infant care managed to ensure the survival of a very premature baby (born on the 25th week of pregnancy) with a weight of just 380g. We have a survival rate of highly premature babies in excess of 50%, which is considered the best indicator in the world.

Women’s Clinic Cheil

Cheil Hospital was founded in 1963. The hospital is considered to be the leading and one of the first specialized gynecological hospitals in the country, which has made a significant contribution to the development of the national gynecology. For 50 years, the main goal of Cheil Hospital is the patient and providing him with top-level medical care.

In the hospital Cheil – there are 16 specialized departments and 32 specialized clinics. The hospital includes the main building and outpatient centers, clinical laboratories, one of the oldest Korean oncology centers, one of the largest in the country center “Mother and Child”, equipped with the highest level equipment to account for pregnancy, childbirth, care for newborns. Also at the hospital there are such advanced centers and laboratories as: tumors of the female reproductive system, endoscopy of the female reproductive system, infertility, examination of the mammary glands, health improvement and other specialized centers, as well as clinical laboratories: clinical genetics, infertility, molecular genetics of tumors , Human resource bio-bank.

The total staff of Cheil Hospital, which received recognition, has more than 1,000 people. Among them, more than 50 doctors, professors and specialists in gynecology, providing comprehensive treatment at the highest level.

For 17 years, Cheil Hospital has taken the 1st place (Association of Korean Hospitals) in the country among gynecological hospitals, outpatient treatment in the hospital has more than 300 people annually. The hospital takes 1st place (statistics on hospitals) for cancer. The hospital is born more than 7 thousand. newborns. These results confirm the specialization, and confirm the right to carry the title of honorary gynecological hospital.

The hospital provides a high level in the provision of medical services not only in the field of gynecology, but also in the care of newborns in the pediatrics department, treatment of menopause in the therapeutic department, examination of the mammary glands in the surgical department, urinary incontinence in the field of urology, etc.

Hospital Cheil was chosen by the Ministry of Health, in the nomination of the best medical institution and had the right to carry the title 2 times, according to statistics and a survey by the Korean Consumer Forum, was chosen by consumers as the best gynecological medical institution and wore an honorary title for 4 years. For a special contribution to promoting the development of research on the process of pregnancy and birth at the second ceremony dedicated to the Day of Pregnant Women, the Cheil Hospital was awarded the President’s Certificate of Commendation.

Hospital Cheil made a huge contribution to the development of female medicine. In 1974, for the first time in Korea, the use of ultrasound (ultrasound) during pregnancy was introduced in Cheil Hospital, in 1986, for the first time from private hospitals, artificial insemination was used, and showed a successful result. In 1988, for the first time in the country, laser laparoscopic surgery was carried out in 1988, for the first time in the East, the method of artificial insemination treatment “freezing of embryos” was successfully applied; in 1995, for the first time in the country, the Breast Cancer Diagnosis Center was opened. in 2009, for the first time in Korea, the center of female oncology was founded; in 2010, for the first time in the country, the specialized consultative center “Moserseif” was founded.

For 50 years, the main goal of Cheil Hospital is the patient and providing him with top-level medical care.

Medical Center Ilsan University Donguk

The dynamic center of Ilsan University Donguk, which meets international standards, has a history that can be trusted. Operatively accumulates and applies the knowledge and technology of the University of Donguk, provides services of well-known doctors of medicine and is equipped with the most modern equipment.

High-tech medical center is designed for 1000 inpatients and is located in a clean ecological zone of the suburb of Seoul. A multidisciplinary medical center that defines western and eastern medicine, in order to achieve maximum patient treatment results, actively invests in the development of medical infrastructure, which currently has equipment such as MRI, 128-slit CT, PET-CT and other modern equipment in its department. It was this medical center in Korea that was the first to establish a system of general western and eastern medicine.


International Hospital Nazareth

In 1980, the very first clinic in Korea opened a joint system of modern and oriental medicine. In 2009, the complex Nazareth Clinic opened in Inchon, Yonsugu district in DongChun Dong, where you can get all the necessary services in one place, starting with emergency care, surgery and until rehabilitation treatment.

To determine an accurate diagnosis at an early stage, it is possible to use such advanced equipment as -MRI, 64-channel MDCT, ultrasonography, Olympos Endoscopy, etc. A system of comprehensive medical information about the patient was erected – OCS (system for transferring prescription of a doctor), PACS (system for transferring radiographic images), EMR (electronic system of medical records)

Highly qualified medical personnel trained in the most advanced medical technologies, the most advanced medical equipment is a reliable companion for those who suffer from various diseases.


Clinic Myndzhi

The first hospital in Korea specializing in strokes

Stroke is the second leading cause of death for middle-aged and elderly people in Korea. A stroke can be prevented with a medical examination, and appropriate treatment in the event of a stroke can minimize side effects and complications. Our hospital has 25 years of experience in treatment, as well as the most modern medical equipment for treating and preventing stroke. We were chosen as the only hospital in Korea specializing in cerebrovascular diseases by the Ministry of Health, Social Welfare and Family Affairs in 2005 and were again selected in 2007.

Cardiovascular diseases
Cardiovascular diseases are the main culprit of sudden death in middle age and
The cardiovascular center of our hospital is doing everything possible to prevent these diseases.

Spinal disorders
The spinal center of our hospital scrupulously monitors the whole process of treatment until
rehabilitation, not stopping at short-term treatment.

The rehabilitation center of our hospital develops physical, psychological and social capabilities, as well as the potential, for example, hobbies, professions and education of patients not only with localized disabilities, but also suffering from acute and chronic pain. In addition, we conduct systematic treatment and prevention so that patients suffering from acute and chronic pain are relieved from it.

Our hospital performs a fundamental comprehensive diagnosis of health. It is important for patients that a comprehensive examination of the brain and spinal cord in the diagnosis of a specialist doctor can prevent encephalopathy.

The environment in the medical center is designed to be cozy, so that patients feel at home.

Clinic Nanuri

Clinic Nanuri since its inception in 2003. plays the role of the leading Korean medical institution in the field of spinal and joint treatment. Currently, in the center of the Republic of Korea, the city of Seoul, in Inchon and in the city of Suwon, there are 4 hospitals in which, for maximum satisfaction of clients, treatment is carried out with an individual approach to each patient.

This is the highest level spine treatment center in the world, headed by medical personnel with a wealth of experience in operations, who is equipped with the best facilities and equipment. More than 9,000 operations on the spine and joints are performed here every year. Nanuri Clinic, which is famous for the center for the treatment of the spine and joints, focuses not only on the treatment of patients, but also on training. Thanks to training programs for doctors abroad, key medical personnel are being trained, and foreign doctors are being trained in spine and joint operations, and medical technologies are being transferred.

Nanuri Clinic is a clinic that has a certificate from a medical institution of the Republic of Korea that has been thoroughly tested for the quality of medical services and patient safety. In 2011 Among the main clinics of the Republic of Korea, the Nanuri Clinic was chosen by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare as a spinal clinic specializing in high-level medical practice.

Nanuri’s spinal clinic treatment center provides patients with accurate diagnosis and treatment using the latest medical equipment. The spinal treatment center performs over 2,300 operations every year. The medical staff of the center has a high level of professionalism in such spinal diseases as hernia, stenosis, fractures, deformity, instability of the spine, etc. Professional reputation, a passion for research and innovation along with a high level of treatment make the center the best in the country.

The Center for the Treatment of Joints at the Nanuri Clinic puts all its efforts into the treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of the joints resulting from joint inflammation and other reasons. Doctors of the center have rich experience in minimally invasive surgical methods and carry out more than 1000 operations annually. The philosophy of minimally invasive surgeries is to treat diseases with minimal consequences after surgery. The Joint Treatment Center provides patients with top-level effective treatment, ranging from pre-operative procedures to surgery and rehabilitation after surgery.

The center for non-surgical treatment of the spine performs percutaneous nerve plasty (Percutaneous epidural neuroplasty), plastic surgery on the spine, muscle stimulation therapy, and other newer non-surgical procedures such as nerve blocking procedures, etc. The staff of the center for non-surgical treatment of the clinic Nanuri includes experts in the field of rehabilitation medicine, oriental medicine, physiotherapy, exercise therapy. Thanks to this integrated approach, patients are provided with quick and effective treatment.

Recently, the number of patients with diseases of the spine and joints has increased due to lack of physical activity and bad life habits. Patients who do not need surgery can strengthen their muscles through scientific and systematic exercises, thereby quickly reducing pain. If the operation is necessary, then after the operation, the functions of the vertebrae / joints are restored and the residual pain is removed, thereby reducing the risk of recurrence. Famous doctors and rehabilitation center specialists are making efforts to create a healthy society, conducting numerous clinical trials and research activities for more than ten years.

The physiotherapy center, equipped with systematic equipment for the rehabilitation treatment of diseases of the spine and joints, is equipped with the latest KNX-7000 spine treatment apparatus, with the use of extracorporeal shock wave therapy equipment, spinal muscle strengthening apparatus, etc., and it conducts several specialized treatment methods. In addition, the center provides thermotherapy, electrotherapy, exercises for the joints, muscles, etc. A feature of the center is the ESMA treatment system without injections and drugs. Due to the combination of extracorporeal shock wave therapy with manual therapy, the effect of treatment has increased.

PET-CT linear accelerator PACS, MRI 3.0T angiography, microscopes, endoscopes, etc. The latest equipment creates an atmosphere of accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Medical Center Philip

Philip Center conducts a survey individually for each patient, starting from his habits, family history, past diseases, the environment, genetic factors, etc. Offers a variety of survey programs and one-on-one consultation with the results of the survey with each patient individually.

The center is spacious, which allows us to offer the most comfortable conditions for the examination, it is equipped with the latest and most modern equipment.

The center employs high-level specialists who are able to identify various diseases at the earliest stages and start treatment promptly.

If necessary, it is possible to get advice on the day of the examination.

The center is located in Seoul and in the Bundan.

The Bundan Center is located on 8 floors.

Seoul on 5 floors

Used equipment

MRI GE Signa 1.5 MRI & 3.0T MRI

The latest and most accurate device, which is supplied to all countries of the world and allows you to conduct the most accurate and detailed examination.

MDCT three-dimensional computer tomograph

Due to its speed, it produces clear images of moving organs, such as the heart.

PET positron tomograph to detect cancer at the earliest stages

The electronic endoscope allows to examine the stomach as painlessly and as accurately as possible, to detect diseases in the initial stages that are invisible to a conventional endoscope.

Clinic Back

Convenient research packages are offered, as standard, for general inspection,

and special, for patients who want to be more thoroughly examined for cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the digestive system, metabolism, diseases of the brain, lungs, spine, gynecological diseases, and there are programs for the most accurate and complete examination of both women and and men.

Features of the diagnostic center.

The diagnostic center is located on floors 2-5, comfortable rooms allow you to get a comfortable examination.


Opportunity to receive examination, consultation and treatment in one place. Equipping the latest high-precision apparatus, 60 varieties of different

studies that allow a complete general examination to identify various diseases.

Inspection in a short time.

For busy people the opportunity to conduct a survey within three hours.

Work program for accurate surveys.

Ability to select programs from simple to accurate (examination of the digestive system, cerebral vessels, rectum, prostate gland),

early detection of lung cancer, obesity and other programs that are most appropriate for a particular person.

Consideration of the results of the survey “during the life”

The accumulation of information during periodic surveys, the study of past analyzes together with new ones allows you to get the most accurate judgment. In the event that a diagnosis is revealed during the examination, it is possible to immediately receive a referral to a specialist for further examination and treatment.

Medical Center Asan

Medical center Asan was founded in 1989. The hospital has a capacity of 2,200 beds and is the coordinating center for 7 hospitals located throughout South Korea.

Asan Medical Center has been working closely with the Harvard Medical Institute since 1996. Asan Medical Center is one of the best cardiac surgery centers in the world.

The Institute of Cardiology, part of the Asan Center, treats coronary heart disease; valvular lesions of the heart; pathology of the aorta and major arteries; congenital heart defects; rhythm disorders; produces a heart transplant.

Hospital Asan occupies a huge area, it is located on the banks of the river near the picturesque park.

Chambers are designed for one or two patients and are equipped to the best international standards.


Shine & Bright eye center

The S & B clinic is a clinic that always thinks about patients, it is up to date with the latest developments for conducting operations to improve vision, reduce intraocular pressure and other operations.

This is one of the largest and most well-equipped clinics in South Korea.

New Face Dental Clinic

High quality patient care – the latest technology, safety, speed, comfort.


Plastic surgery

RINPOCHE cooperates with the best clinics of South Korea. We will select the best clinics and professional doctors that will change your life, life without wrinkles and stress..

KOREA Plastic Surgery Clinic

The clinic offers a variety of plastic surgery and postoperative procedures aimed at early recovery.

Distinctive features of the clinic

– narrow specialization: each doctor of the clinic specializes in certain operations – nose, chest, eyelids, face shapes

– anesthesiology: for the safest anesthesia, the anesthesiologist works with each patient individually, examines the features of the body, body build, selects the most benign drugs, and watches everyone from the stage of preparation for surgery to postoperative rest

RINPOCHE – RE: ON Plastic Surgery Clinic

Welcome to the clinic RE: OH.

This is a clinic that keeps up with the times and uses the most advanced technology.

Plastic surgery



The clinic individually approaches each client, considering the individual characteristics, disadvantages and advantages of the shape of the eyes, in order to emphasize and preserve the beautiful and correct unattractive features, thus creating the most natural and beautiful eyes.

In order to make the eyes most attractive, you need to calculate the ideal parameters.

The ratio of the width of the eyes to the width of the face.
The sum of the length of the eyes divided by the width of the face horizontally and multiplied by 100 (39%)

Eye width
The sum of the length of the eyes divided by the sum of the width of the eyes (42%).

Eye distance
Ideally equal to the width of the eyes.

3 MAX, three operations in one, on the formation of European eyes- Sangapuri (formation of fold), canthoplasty (change in the cut of the eyes), lengthening the external angle of the eyes.

Beautiful, amazing eyes are the most important face decoration.




Eye width correction

Correction of the outer edge of the eye

Correction of the upper eyelid

Plastic eyelid lift

Repeated eyelid surgery



To create the most natural and beautiful line of the nose, the clinic first considers the individual features of the structure of the face of each patient, so that the nose looks proportional to the lines of the forehead, lips, face shape and so on.

The correct proportions of the nose.

The length of the nose.
The ideal is the proportion in which the length of the nose is one third of the length of the face when viewed in profile.

The width of the nose.
When viewed from the front, the face is divided into five equal parts and the width of the nose is equal to one fifth.
The tip of the nose should be raised 1-2 mm above the base.

The line from the tip of the nose to the chin should be 1-2 mm above the lips.
The line from the lips to the tip of the nose to the line from the tip of the nose to the forehead should create an angle of 95-100 degrees.
The line from the lips to the tip of the nose with the line of the septum of the nose 45 degrees.
The height of the tip of the nose to the length of the nose should be about a third.

From the middle of the nose to the wings, the angle should be about 2.1 degrees.

Operations on the back of the nose

Operations on the tip of the nose

Correction of deficiencies

Materials used

Repeated operations

Maxillofacial plastics


Contouring on the upper cheekbones and lower jaw, forehead and chin allows you to correct such shortcomings of the face as a protruding or missing chin, square jaw, wide cheekbones, a flat forehead, thanks to this, you can make the facial features softer and more attractive.



Protruding chin

Chin augmentation

Enlarged forehead

Contour correction of nasolabial folds



Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation with own fat

Breast lift

Breast reduction

Repeated operations



Lipofilling with stem cells gives a pronounced rejuvenating effect, brighter than just lipofilling. Own fat taken from the area of ​​the buttocks or thighs by liposuction is mixed with stem cells and injected into the region of the forehead, cheeks, nasolabial folds, etc.

Step one.
Fat removal with liposuction.

Step two.
Stem cell collection.

Step three.
Stem cell testing.

Step Four.
Stem cell injection.

Rejuvenation (lifting)


Face lift

Tightening the face with meso-threads

Golden threads

TT Collagen Lifting

Endotins (Endotine)

Body contouring.


Fat burning injections

Hair transplantation


Own hair transplantation is performed from the back of the head to the balding areas, it is possible to transplant 2,000-3,000 hairs at a time, but this procedure is not recommended more than three times. Usually such an operation is performed on the scalp, but eyelash transplantation is possible.



Enlarged earlobe

Separation of earlobe from cheek

Earlobe Plastics

Removal of sweat glands

Lip augmentation


Filling the lips with fillers is one of the simplest operations, which allows to quickly increase the volume of the lips.

Navel plastics

The navel is a small scar that comes to us at birth after removal. Its shape and size for each person are individual: round or elongated, wide or narrow, deep or convex … Increased attention to this part of the body is due to the modern open-belly fashion. Traditionally, “correct” is considered to be a narrow, elongated and slightly recessed navel, the center of which is located exactly on the midline of the abdomen.

The plastic of the navel (umbilicoplasty) allows you to adjust its appearance and correct congenital or acquired defects (the latter, as a rule, are attributed to pregnancy or sharp weight gain), move it within the abdominal wall (usually done with abdominoplasty) and even recover after complete losses (this happens due to improper ligation at birth, as well as after injuries and some surgical interventions).

As a rule, the operation is performed under local anesthesia and takes about an hour. Incisions are made under the skin fold and are almost invisible after healing. The recovery period is quite easy, postoperative edema and hematomas quickly dissolve, and the navel finally takes a new form in 1-2 months after umbilicoplasty. Complications and side effects for this operation – an extremely rare phenomenon, and the result is saved for life